Graduate Dissertations

The Dissertation library is an on-line storage facility for published dissertations of doctoral candidates of the Ph.D. program of The American Academy of Clinical Sexology. These electronic copies have been made available for others study purposes only by alumni of the program. New documents are made available each semester.

NOTICE: All of the dissertations are in Adobe Acrobat “PDF” format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to properly view or print these files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, it is available to you free. Download it here.

Author(s) Dissertation
Arnold, Jr., John H & Willis, Charlotte Sexuality: The effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
Austin, Kimberly Education and Cognitive Restructuring as Therapeutic Intervention to Increase Harmony in Romantic Relationships with Transvestic Fetishists
Babin, Jacques Forensic Sexology: An Analysis of Evidence Receivability, Confidentiality, Privilege and Privacy
Babyatsky-Grayson, Deborah Eve Counseling Transgender Youth Utilizing Expressive Art Therapies
Bird, Charles C. An Analysis of the Structures of Use and Misuse of Trust in Relations
Bird, Jo-Ann and Krystyna Piorkowsk A Study Of What Are Parents Teaching Their Children About Where Babies Come From
Blanton, Sandra A Study of Skin as Tactile Connection in Human Sexuality: Sense of Touch Via Our Largest Sex Organ: Skin
Bloom, Krista Identification Of Sexual Disorders In Clinical Settings Using A Brief Assessment Tool and Training Program
Bonnet, Marguerite Straight Wives: A Study of Women Engaged or Married to a Man Who is Later Identified as Being Gay
Brown, Rene C. Just Sex Feminism, Gender Equality, and Casual Sex
Bush, Scott Donald The Study of Faith and Prayer in Sexual Counseling
Camp, Shannon The Impact on the Childhood Sibling Relationship when a Sibling Identifies as Gender Variant
Colon, Mariely A Brief History of Female Sexuality Paraphilia and Marriage and Family
Colón, Orlando Garcia Aptitudes and Attitudes among Licensed Professional Counselors Regarding Human Sexuality and Sexual Counseling in Puerto Rico: An Exploratory Study
Davidson, Steven Thomas Identification of the Positive Social Influences of the Decriminalizing and Legalization of Prostitution in the United States
De Freitas, MD, Pedro The Use of Nudity in Therapy With Gay Men
Demarco, Michael Sexual Behavior and Sex Roles in University Students
De Ridder, Yvonka C. A Protocol for Medical and Mental Health Professionals
Desruisseux, Awilda Iris The Therapeutic Role Of Forgiveness In Sex Therapy
Duffy, Thomas The Psychosexual Effects of Klinefelter Syndrome
Elf, Victoria Claire An Exploration of Knowledge and Perceptions of Sex Therapy
Eriksen, Gilbert L. An Outline of Sexology
Escobar, Pamela Farr An Examination of the Effects of Media Programming On the Rehabilitation and Reintegration Convicted Sex Offenders Implications for Therapy
Fankhanel, Edward H., M.A., Ed.D. Paraphilias Among Gay Men in Puerto Rico
Fawcett, David Michael & Taule’, Alfredo Eugenio Methamphetamine and Other Potentially Risky Sex- Enhancing Drugs
Fenton, Melissa & Heelan, Stephen Craig Sexual Homicide: An Analysis On Etiology, Be It Nature Or Nurture
Fejza, MD, MPH, Hajrullah Virginity Features And Concepts In Kosovo Society
Fields, Kendall Guide For Mental Health Professionals In The Recognition Of Suicide And Risks To Adolescent Homosexual Males
Fine, Rhonda Wellbutrin as an Antidote for the Sexual Dysfunction That Occurs As A Result Of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Use
Foxman, Jill The Use of Differential Language Between Heterosexual Males and Females Regarding Love and Sex
Fuentes, Rafael E. Internalized Homophobia of Hispanic Gay Men Who Migrated to the United States
Furbringer-Long, Toni and Cassandra Renzi Differences of Personality Traits Among Sex Offenders In Regards To The Age Of Their Victims And The Type Of Crime
Gadalla, Khaled Abdel Moneim Prevalence of Mail Sexual Dysfunction and its Correlation at Andrology Clinics in Egypt
Gessler, Jenny Women in the Twentieth Century
Gibbs, Joe Ann Effective Office Protocol System For Delivery Of Testosterone Injections To Female Patients Who Fit The Criteria Of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder As Stated In The DSM-IV-TR
Grenci, Charlayne Elyse An Analysis of the Sexual Sadism and Sexual Masochism Themes in the Works of Marcel Proust
Gunsallas, Rick L. Historical Review of Conversion Therapy and Esthetic Realism
Helleis , Leslie Dawn Differentiation of Gender Roles And Sex Frequency in Children’s Literature
Hanrahan, Shannon E. Elective Vaginal Reconstruction: Societal Impact on Body Image
Heller, Thomas The Politics of Sex: An Expose of How Sex Plays an Intricate Part of Power & Politics
Helmer, Ana-Lena Searching For Logic in Sexuality: Clinical Sexology as a Concept Applied To the Building Of Lasting Relationships
Hollandsworth, Phyllis A Single Case Exploratory Study for the Methods of Revealing the Unknown to Facilitate Recovery from Childhood Sexual Trauma
Hron, Linda L. Spirituality, Clinical Sexology and Sex Therapy: a Therapeutic Matrix for the New Millennium
Jurado M.D., Carlos English to Spanish Translation of Internet Courses at The “Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology”. Volume 1. Volume 2.
Kalkstein, Tabitha E. An Investigation of Alexithymia in Rapists and Child Molesters
Kallas, George James The Secret And Not So Secret Life Of Swingers: A View Into The Many Facets Of The Swinging Lifestyle
Kalt, Ursula Chamberlain A study of the Olfactory Connection in Human Sexuality: Is the Nose a Sex Organ?
Karydi, Alexandra Lesbian Sexual Health
Kerner, Ian Erotological Examination of Cunnilingus and Relevant Techniques for Stimulating Female Sexual Response
King, Franceen H. A Survey of Biological, Psychological, Sociological, and Cultural Factors
Kort, Joe Has Anything Changed In What We Know About Satyriasis From Its Original Identification Of The Disorder?
Kotb, MD, Heba Sexuality and Islam
Krieger, Arlene Gail Staying Together A Compatibility Model for Predictive Assessment Of Couples Therapy And Relationship Outcome
Krieger, William Bears and Chubs: Exploration of Two Gay Subcultures and Clinical Implications for Sexology Practice
Kyle, Sarah E Identification and Treatment of Sexual Shame Development of a Measurement Tool and Group Therapy Protocol
Lerner, Cindy Autism Spectrum and Sexuality A Therapist’s Guide To Clinical Practice
Lipscomb, Rhoda J. The Clinical Mental Health Experience of Persons withParaphilic Infantilism and Autonepiophilia
Love, Harold The Gender Variant Community And The Implications For Counselors
Markley, Kate A study of Same-Sex Experiences (from teens to the end of the life continuum)
May, Sharon Kay Hypospadias
McBlaine, Jennifer The Fallacy of the G-Spot and its Influence on Women’s Sexuality
McKeal, Peggy R. Lipford, Vinson, Melissa & Wirth, John F. Erotology and the Study of Desire and Arousal
McKeal, Peggy R. Lipford Using American Sex Therapy Techniques to Train Medical Students, Physicians, Health Care Workers and Mental Health Workers: A Training Manual
McMorrow, Lee & Vrablic, Craig H. Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction: A Resource Guide
Michaels, Renee Doctor In My Bedroom: Physicians’ Lack Of Sexual Health Education, Its Effects on Patient Welfare and the Development of a New Paradigm
Milisitz, Joseph The Etiology of Sexual Desire
Mitchell, Lorraine Children Who Molest Other Children: A Growing Trend
Monteiro, Iris Gender Identity Disorder
Moore, Ryan C. Obtaining Treatment Compliance with Juvenile and Youthful Sexual Offenders via Addressing Specific Psychosocial Deficits Identified with this Technique
Mora, Anagloria Unfaithful Lesbians: Hispanic Lesbians and Infidelity
Moreno, Consuelo Invisible Lesbians: Latina Immigrant Lesbian Coming-Out Experiences
Moritz, Catherine Sexually Based Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Neira, Teresa Understanding HIV Prevention, Care, And Treatment When Working With Latino MSM
Nelson, Tammy Erotic Recovery After Infidelity: Restoring The Sexual Template Through Sex Therapy
Niswonger, Jodi and Pucci, Joey Nicole Infidelity in the Wake of Modern Technology Defining Infidelity in a New Era and Analyzing Treatment Modalities
North, Ronald J Dawe A Link between the Early Onset of Paraphilia and the Impact of Complex Trauma
O’Mara, Michele The Correlation of Sexual Frequency and Relationship Satisfaction Among Lesbians
Orgass, Nicole F. Sex and Its Impact on Athletic Performance Debunking the Myth
Osborne, Fiona Faith Standing in the Vestibule An Analysis of African-American Lesbians and Their Relationship in the Fundamentalist Black Church
Perez, Alicia The Use of Progressive Relaxation and Guided Imagery Techniques with Forgiveness in Treating Trauma Related Sexual Abuse
Perl, Segalit Marital Satisfaction
Pickering M.Div., M.S., Gary R. The Psychosexual And Psychosocial Impact Of Prostate Cancer On The Patient And His Partner With A Call For A Holistic Approach To Treatment
Pomeroy, Noelle A Survey of Female Response to Postpartum Sexual Interaction
Porter, Rhonda E. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
Quintal, Jason S., & Sheridan, Dae C. An Erotological Study And Critical Analysis Of Top-Recommended Sex Help Books Utilizing A Subjective Appraisal Book Review Form And A Consumer Sex Book Questionnaire To Assess Overall Reader Usability And Efficacy
Reaboi, Anna S. The Impact of HIV on Female Sexual Function
Regensburg-Paz, Lisa Abbie, MFT Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: “I think my vagina is dead…” A look into the world of women with low libido
Rieman, Claudia M. Modesty Rules: Conducting Sex Therapy with Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Couples
Ross, Rachael L., M.D. A Combination of Daily Self-Affirmations, Meditation, & Journal Writing to Decrease Ruminating Thoughts, Depression, & Low Self Esteem in a Female Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Rothenberg, Anne The Business of Sexology
Rothenberg, Michael Ian Sex, Death and Dying: An Examination of Sexuality and Terminal Illness among Hospice Workers, Palliative Care Professionals, Terminally Ill Patients and Their Family Caregivers
Russell, Jemie B. & Constansas, Panayiotis Sexual Risk Taking Behavior: The Contributing Factors
Rutherford, Mary Anne Gatson A Study Regarding the Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Lesbians
Salgado, Camila Sexual-Contextual Therapy: An Integrative Approach for the Treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire in Women
Sabroso, Cristina A Clinical Guide for Health Practitioners to Interact in a Culturally Sensitive Manner With Patients Who Have Undergone Female Genital Mutilation
Shavers, Timothy Cross Culture Identity and Sexual Offenses: An Examination of State Statutes Relating to Sex Crimes and the Effects on Chinese, Indian and Mexican Immigrants in America (Part I) Part II
Sheafe, Sadie M. The Sexual Practices of Black Males and Societal Myths about Them: A Historical Overview and Contemporary Analysis
Singrossi, Brenda Stress and Sexual Functioning of Women
Smith, Claudia E., M.A. and Smith, John, G., STM., D.MIN. A Cross-Cultural Study on Male and Female Attitudes and Practices Related To the Clitoris
Smith, Michael B. Internet Video Conferencing as an Adjunct Treatment Tool for the Patient Diagnosed with Sexual Aversion Disorder
St. Fleur, Ariel Kimalya Heyliger The Clinician’s Guide: A Practical Biblical Approach for Helping Evangelical Christian Women Develop a Positive Sex Self Concept Using a Biblical Worldview
Stanfield, Garilynn A Preliminary Study of Women’s Sex And Dating Concerns During Early Recovery From Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
Stanley, Tiffany The Impact of Relaxation and Sensory-Focused Guided Imagery on Perceived Female Low Sexual Desire / Interest and Sexual Distress
Steinberg, Laurel Bess Factors Affecting Dating, Sex And Remarriage Of Divorced Women
Tennie, Thelma Development of the Sexual Desire Assessment Tool (SDAT): and a Training Program to Educate Clinicians and Assist in Opening Dialog with Polyamorous Systems
Thrall, Ingrid Shaming and Suppression of Female Sexuality
Trusty-Smith, Carla Conceptualizing And Managing Couple Psychosexual Dynamics An Integrative Core Model and Case Application
Valcarel, Carmen Regulation of Clinical Sexology
Volpe, Eileen and Joyce C. Wertheimer Exploring Sexuality Attitudes and Knowledge in Nursing: An Education Program
Wakefield, Chelsea An Archetypal And Inner Cast Of Characters Approach To Sex Therapy With Women Who Have Low Sexual Desire
Waugh, Odalys J Physiological and Psychological Effects of Overweight Heterosexual Women on Their Orgasmic Response
Webber, Thomas J. Standard Versus Specialized Treatment a Comparison of Incarcerated Child Specific Offenders
Weir, Deborah H. An Odyssey of Sexual/Gender Evolution: An Autoethnographical Study of the United States from the 1950s to the Present
Weiss, Marcy Dater The Efficacy of Hypnosis in Sex Therapy
Wiltz, Karen A. Sexuality After Burn Injury
Woodard, Shirley Gender-Related Communications after Midlife and Implications for Sex Therapy: Why are an Increasing Number of Women Surprising Their Husbands by Initiating Divorce?
Zellers, Kathleen A. From Darkness To Light Play Therapy Of Sexually Abused Children